Company Profile

United States

The Zamboni Company’s U.S. facility is located in Paramount, California. The company has manufactured machines in Paramount since 1949. For more information about machines, trademark use, company history and other inquiries please visit our Contact page. While we are unable to accommodate requests for tours of the facility, historical displays, as well as restored vintage machines are on display at Paramount Iceland. Please contact Paramount Iceland at (562)633-1171 for information regarding their location and operating hours.


The Zamboni Company has maintained a Canadian operation since 1967. You may recognize the city of Brantford, Ontario, as the home of “The Great One,” Wayne Gretzky. For many years it has been the Canadian home of the Zamboni ice resurfacer as well.

The Canadian facility houses 48,000 square feet of Zamboni machine manufacturing and the plant is busy year-round. The models produced in Brantford include the Model 525, Model 445 and the Model 200. Unfortunately, we are unable to accommodate requests for tours of the facility.

Organizations and Affiliations

The Zamboni Company is actively involved in the ice arena industry and maintains memberships in many organizations that work to educate, develop and support related businesses.

International Association of Venue Managers
Ice Skating Institute
Kawartha Lakes Arena Managers Association
Municipal Equipment and Operations Association
Minnesota Ice Arena Managers Association
Metropolitan Ice Rink Managers Association
NorthEast Ice Skating Managers Association
National Recreation and Park Association
Ontario Recreational Facilities Association
Serving The American Rinks
Wisconsin Ice Arena Managers Association
Official Ice Resurfacer of the NHL
National Joint Powers Alliance

Plant Locations

  • Zamboni USA

    Zamboni Company
    15714 Colorado Avenue
    Paramount, CA
    Phone (562) 633-0751
    Fax (562) 633-9365

  • Zamboni Canada

    Zamboni Company Ltd.
    38 Morton Ave. E, Box 1388
    Brantford, ON Canada
    N3T 5T6
    Phone (519) 758-5000
    Fax (519) 758-0500